Hotel DAHM

This former 19th century coaching inn located at the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes has been entirely renovated and redesigned. Hotel Dahm has an exceptional setting where you can experience a warm welcome and great luxury right in the midst of nature. The hotel offers its guests a wide variety of activities to enjoy and invites you to discover a delicious and refined dining experience, modern design and a beautiful terrace and garden.

Why not accept this delightful invitation and take the opportunity to let off steam and recharge your batteries... with your family, as a couple, alone, among friends or for seminars.

The key to all your dreams is right here!

The beautiful garden of the hotel DAHM

Our Family History

Our history began in the 19th century, in 1833, when our ancestors ran the Erpeldange village café, which was also a coaching inn.

In 1919 Nicolas and Cathérine Dahm-Schneider bought the little farm “Brücher” at auction and took it over as a café. This farm was located where our restaurant is today. A second sale by auction took place in 1946 when René and Marguerite Dahm–Heinricy bought the annexed farm “Weidert” in order to use its private accommodation.

In 1955 the Dahm-Heinricy family took over the café-bistrot and in 1956 the couple built a banquet hall with a capacity of 250 where numerous cultural events such as balls, theatre, etc. took place. At the time, Mrs Marguerite Dahm–Heinricy, who was in charge of the kitchen, already organised family celebrations such as weddings, communions and banquets. After Henriette, the couple’s oldest daughter in a family of three children, completed her professional training as a waitress at Hôtel de Paris in Luxembourg city and gained her professional experience at “Sporthotel Trübsee” in Switzerland, she was the first to join the Dahm family business.

The beautiful garden parc arround the hotel DAHM

A new restaurant offering traditional cuisine, still under the management of Marguerite Dahm-Heinricy, was built in 1965. After hotel management studies at the Lycée Technique “Alexis Heck” in Diekirch, the family’s second daughter, Marie-Andrée Dahm, followed in her older sister’s footsteps into the family business in 1966 as a waitress.

Together with her son, Marguerite ran the Dahm restaurant’s kitchen. A modern skittles game was built in 1974. Six years later, in 1978, a new restaurant was opened, and 14 “4 star” category rooms were unveiled. Marguerite Dahm, by now a widow, took over the business with her three children in 1986. In the same year, the family bought the annexed farm “Lux”, which finally enabled them to expand the business. In 1987, Marie-Andrée Dahm – Koob died at the age of 39. The decision to expand the business was taken at the beginning of the 1990s, followed by the inauguration of a second “modern” building in 1992 which includes 11 “De Luxe” category rooms, 3 conference rooms, a new hall and a reception as well as a private underground car park with 20 parking spaces.

Patrick Junker, the son of Henriette Junker-Dahm, joined the Dahm family business after completing his studies at the Lycée Technique de Bonnevoie and three years of professional training at Hotel Bel Air in Echternach (at the time a 1 star in the Michelin Guide) and took his place to continue the family tradition.

In 1996, the family was proud to receive the “Eco Label” for tourism establishments. This label is a certification scheme for environmentally friendly management.

The terrace at the hotel DAHM

In 2003 the family business was taken over by Mrs Henriette Junker – Dahm and her children Patrick and Nathalie. In the same year, the restaurant was redecorated.After studying at the Lycée Technique Hôtelier “Alexis Heck”, Nathalie Junker continued her studies at the International College of Hospitality Administration “Cesar Ritz” in Brig, Switzerland and received her diploma in 1999. This was followed by different internships, for example at the Hôtel Carl Gustaf on St. Barth in the Caribbean; Henriette Junker-Dahm’s daughter was the last to join her in the Dahm family business.

During the 2003-2004 annual holiday, the Junker-Dahm family renovated the 14 first “Prestige” rooms and the 11 “De Luxe” rooms. The family made a considerable investment in the environmental aspect of their business with the installation of three condensation boilers and a cogeneration module for rational energy use.

Patrick Junker, head chef, renowned for his exquisite and traditional dishes, is proud to have been a member of the gourmet association “Eurotoques” since 2004.

At the start of 2005, the whole kitchen was replaced. These modern renovations are fully compliant with HACCP requirements (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

In June 2007, Nathalie and Patrick launched their new project; a new annexe including the Gourmet Restaurant, Brasserie and Lounge Bar.

Thanks to hard work, sincere staff and loyal customers from around the world, the Dahm family business has really made a name for itself in the Grand–Duchy of Luxembourg.